Saturday, May 14, 2005

Brother Mine- From Miguel

Brother mine,

Why do you always send your letters to the office? Is it that you don’t want Julia to know that you’re hitting me up for money again or does deceiving spouses just become second nature after awhile? You’re actually afraid of Julia, aren’t you? She really doesn’t hate you as much as you think she does. But we’ll take that up another time.
You write to me at the office and I write back from the office and so you must forgive me the inevitable brevity of this communication. I’ve a deadline looming and the editor has been practically down my throat ever since a certain incident. She made some snide remark the other day about the fine line between the “irresponsibility of shoddy fact-checking” and the “outright dishonesty of fabrication”. If it were up to her, she said, both would be considered equally unethical. I’m sure she still believes that I just made that witness up.
But let me tell you, Fernando, that despite the certainty that it will result in a drain on both my time and my pocket, a letter from you is always a pleasant experience. For one thing, it’s sure to be entertaining. Have you ever talked to somone (a professional, I mean) about these oddly juxtaposed predilictions for both married women and prostitutes? Don’t worry, I won’t bring up Mother. My telephone rings, my work cries out to me. I must go, but write me and don’t wait until you’re broke again.

Wonderful hearing from you,


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